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Turnagain Treasures is Alaska’s newest children’s resale event operated and owned by a member of the Anchorage community.

Our “Why” Story

About Turnagain Treasures kids consignment sale Anchorage, AlaskaShortly after the birth of my oldest daughter, my sister exposed me to the world of kid’s seasonal consignment sale events back in Pennsylvania near where I grew up.  The minute I set foot inside that first sale, it was like a lightbulb went off.  This consignment “event” concept made complete sense. Not only was I able to get adorable clothing, shoes, and toys for a steal, I could now envision how I was going to pass on the dozens of beautiful baby things my daughter had already so quickly outgrown.

I have a passion for this event because it is recycling at its best.  Anyone who has been around children knows how quickly they grow!  That leaves parents either trying to figure out what to do with overflowing closets filled with things no longer being used, and/or in serious need of items to support their child’s next stage of development, without breaking the bank.  This event provides an answer to both those dilemmas in a friendly and safe environment. Additionally, we also give back to the community through donations and charitable contributions.

I am so excited to be turning my small business dream into a reality by helping provide a “stuff” solution to Alaskans for their growing families.  I invite you to shop or consign with us and allow treasured children’s items to have a “turn again”.

Please contact me with any questions, comments or feedback.

Thank you,



Ryanne Ori


Turnagain Treasures

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