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Anchorage, AK

Why Consign With Us?

Why is consigning at a Turnagain Treasures event better than …

…selling your items at a yard sale?

  • You get higher prices for your items! Because of the organized, retail like setting, shoppers are willing to pay more for items compared to a yard sale. You get to set a specific price for each item and there is no worry of buyers trying to haggle or bundle for a lower price.
  • It’s a lot less work! You don’t have to schedule, advertise, post signs, display and arrange items, or run the sale. Turnagain Treasures handles all of these things for you.
  • Alaskan summers are precious! Our events take place in the spring and fall, always indoors. Unlike yard sales which take place during warmer weather months, our sales will never interfere with your summer plans.

…selling your items through online/classified postings?

  • Your time is valuable! At Turnagain Treasures events, you can bring all of your items, no matter how big or small, to one location. Unlike photographing and writing listings, handing inquiries, and then driving all over town to meet up with potential buyers one transaction at a time, your efforts are maximized. Our event brings hundreds of eager shoppers to one central location. For a shopper, nothing beats seeing an item in person.
  • Your safety is important! Turnagain Treasures handles running the sale and managing security. There is no risk of being placed in strange situations or meeting up with strangers.

…selling your items to a resale store like Kid to Kid or Once Upon A Child?

  • You want the opportunity to sell all of your items! Unlike typical resale stores that cherry pick your best items, handing back a large majority of items that they don’t want or have too much stock of already, Turnagain Treasures accepts most anything maternity or kid related.
  • You deserve respect! Letting go of your child’s items can be emotional. At Turnagain Treasures events, your items are treated like the “treasures” they are, not like part of a business transaction.
  • You want to know your treasures are truly getting to have a “turn” again! When your items sells at a Turnagain Treasures event, you know that it is being purchased by a member of the community for a growing family member.

…selling your items via a regular consignment store?

  • You get higher splits for your items! Unlike typical consignment stores which offer 50% splits or less, you can earn up to 80%of the sales price of each item.
  • You get paid faster! Unlike having to wait until the end of the month, or until hitting a certain minimum payout, you get a check within 10 days of the end of the event.
  • You can keep track of your items! Turnagain Treasures Consignors know exactly which items have sold and when. Any unsold items can be picked up or donated at the end of the event.


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