Fall Sale Dates

1520 O'Malley Rd
Anchorage, AK

Why Volunteer

Help Us Help You!

Pulling off a successful event requires helpers and we need you! We need extra help with many different sale activities including set up and tear down, inspecting items at consignor drop off, and during the sale to assist customers. In exchange for helping for a period of time during the sale, you will receive substantial benefits including receiving a higher percentage of your sales, getting to shop our sale first at the presale, and being entered into consignor only drawings to win a number of exciting prizes.

All consignors earn a base of 65% of their sales without volunteering. As a consignor, you can earn a higher percentage of your total sales by volunteering!Volunteer for Alaska kids consignment sale Anchorage Turnagain

Earning benefits for consignors:
Work 1 Shift (4 hours): earn 70% of your sales
Work 2 Shifts (8 hours): earn 75% of your sales
Work 2 Shifts + Sort (8 hours + the sort): earn 80% of your sales

In exchange for your time, volunteers will also get to shop our Volunteer Presale and have absolute first dibs on all the “treasures”.

Volunteers will also receive entries into our special volunteer only prize drawing to be held at the end of the sale. Volunteers will receive one entry for each shift (with 2 entries for a sort shift). If volunteering two shifts plus the sort, you would therefore earn four total entries into the drawing.

For more detailed descriptions on the different volunteer roles and their descriptions, click here.

To sign up to register as a volunteer, click here.

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